Visual Safety & Security


VSS is an application that can be enabled and disabled by the phone user to protect them every time they open apps that have permission to access the camera. When the VSS application is enabled it will automatically monitor what information is placed in the rear and front camera on the phone when apps with camera permissions are being used.

Using object detection, if sensitive information is detected while the user is using apps that have permission to access the camera, then a warning will pop up on the screen. While the warning is on the screen, users are not able to use the touch function on the phone or exit the warning. This warning will not be able to be exited unless the user does one of the following three things:

  • Remove the sensitive information from the camera
  • Switch to an app that does not have camera permissions or return to the home screen
  • User locks the phone

After one of the actions is completed, the warning error will go away and the phone will return to normal function.  

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